Powder can be divided and portioned with the appropriate percentage of water. First of all, I have to say that with the volume of work you have you can just mix the thinset by hand. If you follow these steps you will have perfect thin set every single time. Smaller batches are easier to mix in the 5 gallon bucket, especially if you’re going to do it by hand with a margin trowel like we did. Mixing thin set can really be a hassle if you don’t have the right tools and the right knowledge to get the job done. This is not realistic at all. Mortar mix is a critically important building component that must be combined thoroughly. Allow the grout to “slake,” the term for letting it rest for … The thicker it is, the harder it is to use. To mix smaller batches use the proportionate liquid to powder ratios to achieve the proper consistency. My sanded grout givees directions for 25 lbs. Michael That is hard to answer because of all the many kinds of mortars out there. // < ![CDATA[ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); // ]]>. If you have just a small amount in the bucket and a lot of it is being exposed to direct air relative to the total mass of the thinset, then it dries faster and start to set up quicker. After the thinset has completely slaking, it will probably thicken up just a bit, but once you start mixing it will thin back up to a workable consistency. Read the back of the thinset bag to see how much water you need for the entire bag. Small batches of thin-set are easier to mix by hand; Allow thin-set to sit in the bucket for 5 minutes to fully absorb the water; Cover the area with thin-set where the first HardieBacker panel will be installed; Smooth out the thin-set into straight lines by pulling the 1/4 notched trowel across the wood subfloor Step 3 - Order Matters When Mixing Thinset. This usually doesn’t show until the next day. This will prevent air from being trapped in the mortar, which makes the bond weaker. Start of with water, and gradually mix in the powder til you have the right consistency. Use a mixer with a low rpm. Also, the amount of thinset you have mixed seems to change the rate. Once the thinset is mixed, allow 15 minutes for the thinset to absorb the water. Mix Outdoors and Control Dust Sponsored Links. Mix the thin-set for 5 minutes at a speed of 300 RPMs. Mix your thinset mortar and water until it has the consistency of a thick peanut butter. You can use that same ratio of 1 part water to 4 parts thinset to mix up tiny batches of thinset, such as 1 ounce of water plus 4 ounces of thinset. There is a link in the menu located under the contact us tab. Step 2: Add Thinset And Mix To Desired Consisitency. This also prevents excess air in the mix. I applied a small amount of the thinset to the subfloor and back of the tiles, then used the flat edge of the trowel on an angle to 'burn in' the thinset (use force and a motion like you are trying to squeegee the material off). I only do tile work once in a while so these reminders are really helpful. If it’s a little runny it will still work. Yeah, I don’t know what world they are living in, but it is not my world. You can increase the working time by remixing the thinset a couple of times each batch. Step 4. You can mix it a little thicker for walls, but not too thick. Just make sure to set your drill to the slower setting so you don’t mix too fast. Mix only as much thinset as you will need. Plan accordingly by mixing small batches as you need them instead of one large batch at the beginning of … Once the thin set is mixed it will be smooth and creamy. You also want to use a spiral-type mixing paddle rather than the ‘egg-beater’ type. If I can't use it there will be clumps of wasted thinset discarded every time I mix a new batch for another row of tile laying. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How To Mix Thinset For Tile in Small Batches to the Perfect Consistency Step 1: Add Water To the Mixing Bucket. Schluter recommends mixing full batches with measured amounts of water to learn the correct desired consistencies before mixing small batches. Any sand you get likely includes tiny stones that … Larry wasn't being a smart a$$ when he said it's better to mix a little extra than not enough! It will dry out quick on you and this can cause an improper bond and it can also make it hard to get the tiles even. Each of the standard mortar mixes—Types N, M, S, and O—has different performance characteristics for different … Related Documents: While specific instructions vary by manufacturer the basics are the same. I would avoid letting it sit in the sun though, unless you want to the thinset to harder faster than normal and don’t need as much working time to apply it. The second way is to simply add thinset and mix until you reach the desired consistency which is similar to that of peanut butter. You can measure it out perfectly and even get out a scale to weigh out the perfect amount of thinset to water. If your walls or floors are not flat, then you will struggle with getting tiles to lay evenly. Step by step instruction on how to mix different types of thinset mortars. You have to mix both in small batches and work in stages. For the thinset I’m using in the video above, it said to use 5.5-6.5 quarts of water for the entire 50 lb bag. Equip your 1/2-inch electric drill with a mortar paddle, used for stirring. Well I hope this video helps. This is great because it’s accurate and isn’t prone to user error. I once had to install about 2.7 square meters of tiling and mixed several small batches of thinset with a spattle - no problems at all, I wasted much more time on applying the thinset … Then, figure out how much thinset to mix so you have enough for about twenty square feet of tile to start with for your first time. Instead, I buy thinset mortar, which does not contain gravel, and I mix in small pea gravel in a ratio of 2 parts wet thinset to 1 part pea gravel by weight. Thanks Joe for the reminder, it really helps. You can also use a power drill, although just know this is hard on drills. I have used some of the specialized mixing drills made for mixing thinset and grout, and for a job of your size I think they would be worth the money. Most of them will show you that you can mix the thin set with a margin trowel. That is gonna be way to much to work with at one time. You’ll know that it’s too runny if it won’t hold a notch when you trowel it on the wall or floor, and you’ll know it’s too thick if it doesn’t easily stick to the substrate you’re applying it to. Do you have a formula in mixing sanded grout. If you don’t, then you could have problems. If you don’t have a mixer you can also use a power drill, but you will not want to do this by hand. Now you’re ready to use a trowel to apply the thinset. We found that the thin-set will appear a bit dry after the 5 minutes but don’t add more water. So, start with enough thinset to cover about 20 sq. It's nearly impossible to mix a whole bag of thinset. Learn how to mix thinset mortar for your tile project. I know that some of these thin set manufacturers put little pictures on the back of their bags of thin set and they explain in these pictures how to mix the thin set. CLICK HERE, Tools and Products I use and Recommend for Tile, Tools and Products I use and Recommend for Laminate, cutting laminate flooring around a doorjamb, how to install laminate flooring transitions, how to install laminte laminate installation, Where do I start installing my laminate or vinyl plank floor, How to start a laminate or vinyl plank installation, how to make a grid for an easy tile installation, always let the thin set slake(sit for ten minutes) and mix again before using, always add water in the bucket first then the powder, always use small batches – like a half of a bag or less, always try to keep each batch the same consistency, Never use a margin trowel to try to mix thin set, Never use thin set right after mixing, Let it sit for 10 minutes/mix it again/then you can use it, Never mix large batches of thin set unless you are installing a large area of tile on a floor, Never use thin set that is too thick or too watery. Your email address will not be published. Michael. I’ll also mention how much to mix on your first batch. Let grout rest (slake) for up to 10 minutes. Most mortar manufacturers recommend a low rpm to ensure a minimum amount of air trapped in the mortar as well as a more consistent mix. always use a drill and mixing paddle; always let the thin set slake(sit for ten minutes) and mix again before using; always add water in the bucket first then the powder; always use small batches – like a half of a bag or less; always try to keep each batch the same consistency Mix the powder and water until the mixture is the consistency of thick peanut butter. Can small batches be mixed instead of mixing full bags of mortar for small areas? Installation steps for Tiling a Tub Surround, Installation Steps for Tiling a Custom Shower, My Facebook Page- this is by far the fastest way to get your question answered. If it’s not mixed properly, than it can also affect the curing period and take it’s strength and flexibility. Sift sand through a 1⁄4 in (0.64 cm) wire screen. The recently mixed thinset batch will have been in a bucket for about 10 minutes with a wet rag covering it. Thin-set should be mixed to the consistency of peanut butter. Required fields are marked *. I’ll also mention how much to mix on your first batch. If your bathroom is somewhat small you may want to mix half a bag of thinset at a time. That is to say in ratios per the bag instructions. Next post: How to Cut Tile – Tools, Methods, and When to Use Them, Previous post: How to Cut Flagstone Fast and With No Dust, How To Mix Thinset For Tile in Small Batches to the Perfect Consistency, How to Cut Tile – Tools, Methods, and When to Use Them, How to Cut Flagstone Fast and With No Dust. After 15 minutes, give the thinset another slow stir with the drill. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I hope that God blesses you and your project! Okay, enough of all the problems that can occur, I’m sure you get the point loud and clear. No problem Bob and thanks for your comment! This is what is going to hold your tile in place and give it the strength that it needs for a long lasting life. For example, to make two small stepping stones, I recently used 8 pounds of wet thinset mixed with 4 pounds of pea gravel. Oh, they look so cute and cool. It's no fun to be ready to finish but find out you didn't mix enough and it's easier to mix a 1/4 bucket or more than it is to just mix up a few cups worth. If the mortar on your trowel doesn't drip off but can be shaken off, you have the right ratio. The mixing drill and mixing paddle are fundamental. If you have any questions please feel free to ask below. Although you can hand-mix some thinsets (read the directions), your results will be more consistent with a drill. The working time before it hardens varies depending on a few things. Every thinset is slightly different so you’ll want to follow the directions on your bag of thinset. Add the thinset first to your bucket, then add cool water. Run your drill at a very low speed. You can get a quicker response by asking questions on my facebook page. Mixing Ratio: 4 oz Water to 1 lb Thinset. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you’re using a variable speed drill with only one setting, then you’ll have to hold the trigger halfway to avoid spinning too fast. Now that we have all the do’s and don’t s and the why’s and why not’s covered lets get to the actual mixing thin set part. If you are grouting a large surface, start with a fraction of the total grout you will need, and mix in small batches so that the grout doesn’t dry out too quickly. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Schluter ALL-SET ® is a specialized modified thin-set mortar specifically formulated for use with Schluter ® membranes and boards.. There are two ways to do this. Re: thinset mixer for large batches Hi Beezo, Unless you have a lot of people setting tile, I don't think you need to mix batches of thinset larger than 5 gallon buckets. JTG. How To Mix Thinset - Essential Tips For Mixing Small Batches Measure out the grout powder and pour it into the empty bucket. First, we’ll start with the tools list and then on to a step-by-step. The kind I have is Poly Blend. Usually it will tell you to mix for about 2-3 minutes using a power mixer at a slow rpm. You want to always try to get it like this. It can cause shrinkage of the thin set which will result in lippage (uneven tiles). Mixing thinset isn't rocket science and doesn't have to be mixed to exact proportions. Again, let me assure you that this is really pretty simple to mix thin set if you follow the steps that I am going to share with you! Refer to the product data sheets, found at www.laticrete.com, for more specific information on mixing and installation. Basically, you are just going to leave it alone for about ten minutes so the water can start combining with the thinset and the chemical reactions can start taking place. Let the material slake for 12-15 minutes, then remix. Make sure to dial in the right consistency during the first mixing stage. First, … 11-13-2006, 06:58 PM. Okay, maybe it can be done if you have 2 hours to blow on just mixing the thin set. If it’s a little thicker it can still work as well. Always add the water before the thinset. I do have videos to help you with this and they will show you how you can get your floors and walls flat. Yes. It can weaken the thinset mortar so it isn’t as strong once cured. Add about half of your water to the bucket, then add some thinset and mix. I do want to make a note here. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Usually it will say on the back of the thinset bag how much sq. You never want to mix an entire bag on your first time because the thinset will likely harden before you have time to put it all on. How do I measure thinset from a 50lb bag to make small batches? Mix dry, polymer-modified thinset mortar with water in a bucket, using the mixing instructions provided on the thinset bag. NEVER add water after the slaking period. Add 3/4 of total water needed for the measured amount of grout powder. You can either sign up for Tile university to get access to those videos along with many others or just sign up for my project planner and I will also send you a link to those videos at no charge to you! For Versabond thinset, we add 1/2 cup or 4 oz of water per 1 pound of dry thinset powder. Next, mix with a variable speed mixer-drill at low speed. Put on goggles, gloves and a … You might also like: Timelapse of a Shower Remodel with Tile. Your email address will not be published. In this article I will show you how easy it is to mix thin set when following just a few simple steps. Mortar is the bonding material between bricks, concrete block, stone, and many other masonry materials.It is made from Portland cement, lime, sand, and water in varying ratios. In the video above and the step-by-step article below you’re going to learn everything you need to know about mixing thinset mortar for tile, from how to mix a small batches to how to mix thinset for wall tile. Mix at a medium speed so you … The first is the temperature. Blend the mixture with a … footage it will cover given different trowel sizes, so you can calculate how much based on that. Dry thinset and water should be mixed in a bucket in stages. Always add the water before the thinset. The consistency of the thin-set mortar should be similar to cake frosting or creamy peanut butter. Although I have a big job to grout, i can only work in small batches. One difference is, some modified thinsets come pre-mixed… The hotter the temperature the faster the thinset will “set.” Cooler temperatures could easily double working time when compared to hot weather. A whole bag should never be mixed at one time. Engineered for use both under and over all DITRA and KERDI products; Sag-resistant, smooth and creamy; Easy to handle and spread; Suitable for use with ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile, including large and heavy tile You will also have trouble lining up the grout joints. It’s really important to get the thin set mixed properly. Mix the thinset and water using a drill with a mixing bar attachment. But that’s way too much thinset to use at once, so I decided to just start with 1 quart of water, which is about one fifth of the bag, which is an easily manageable amount. When it’s creamy, you will notice how easy it is to spread and to get the tiles to lay evenly with each other. At least this is what I have found over the years that I’ve been installing. If you’re working in a hot, dry environment, thinset will dry very fast. when the thin set is mixed properly, than your tile installation is going to go much smoother. Consistency should be kinda like peanut butter. This allows the thin-set to absorb the water and activate all the ingredients. Modified thinset and unmodified thinset are both used in a similar fashion. That’s when you’ll want to clean your tools and then whip up a new batch. Thin set that is mixed improperly will just become a pain in the butt while you are installing the tile. It is best to work in a small area at a time since the thinset hardens in about 20 minutes. Thanks:huh: Many of the new flex mortars and highly modified mortars need to be mixed exact. But, this will only get you so far, and you’ll start to noticing thinset hardening on your tools. You can either continue to use your margin trowel or use a ½ inch drill with mortar-mixing paddle to speed up the mixing process. A power mixer is a great tool to have here, but it’s not necessary. But, it does require you to have a scale laying around and to do some math to figure out how many pounds of thinset per quart of water. feet, then adjust from there on your next batch. There are two ways to do this. Let Schluter SET and ALL-SET sit or slake for 10 minutes. In the video above and the step-by-step article below you’re going to learn everything you need to know about mixing thinset mortar for tile, from how to mix a small batches to how to mix thinset for wall tile.