At the time of stocking, morphometric characteristics such as body weight and total length were measured and recorded. Hope 40,000 stocking density per acre will affect the growth of fish. You can stock about 150000 Rui and Katla fish in your 6 acres pond. It will be enough for catla,rohu n naren fish farming ? Take 10 katla, measure their total body weight, then divide the total weight by 10. Yes, you can construct such pond for growing fish. Catla Fish Breed Characteristics:- The most distinguish feature of the catla fish is it’s larger lower jaw and this forces its lower lip to be upturned. D.D.Roy. I think it will be cheaper than yours. The measurement of your pond is in square feet or meter? So each day , week and month the cost is going to increase. Thanks for your reply. Vidya. now I think the condition is okey. The catla is the only fish of the Gibelion genus from the carp family of Cyprindae. i studied your advice about katla cultivation. Pangus fish farming.. And you have to feed commercial carp fish feeds for better result. And we don’t know about any fish species which will grow 3-4 kg within 2 years. Catla fish mouth is big compared to other Indian carp. I am planning to leave total 20,000 Fish seeds ( Rohu – 6500, Catla – 7000, Mrigal – 6500 ) My question is how is the market in India for Tilapia. You don’t need to apply any medicine until everything is perfect. The depth is about 60 ft. I want to grow fish. What feed and what ratio and complete process flow. I have like fish farming & how to give his profit and his development period and other information. Although you can raise a few for keeping pond environment good. Their body length can reach around 1 meter in aged and large sized fish. sir i am from kerala. Now apply some natural fertilizers for increasing the presence of natural feeds in the pond and then stock fish. Never stock excessive number of fish. So, it’s not possible to tell the exact or an estimate idea. and how can I stop this? kind regards. mt. Thank you! I want to convert this in fish farm. You can stock about 12000 to 15000 carp fish in your half acre pond. The ratio and number of fingerlings (10,000) seems perfect for a pond of 3 acres. so many fish has dead. Thanks for your kind consideration! regards Regards Can u please tell me what can be the approx cost that i can say during oxen,,,keeping in mind my profit and other cost. Hi, That’s why we can’t suggest how many fish you can stock in your tank. Thank you! But you need to stock less fish per acre. Information Grass carp I wanna knw how many number of katla can be bought up in it .and its a cement tank.and wanna know whtr goat dung manuar a good feed for katla ? Thanks! Out of Katla, Rui and Mrigal Fish, which takes less time for a cycle? 1. Thank you! We are not clear about ‘artificial natural’ pond. Don’t forget, it’s for commercial production only and you have to feed the fish regularly with supplementary fish feeds. You don’t need a once acre pond for 500 katla. That means, it’s not important to feed them 15 grams of food daily from the 1st day to 90 day of age. Katla fish is suitable for farming in some Asian countries. It grows best at water temperature between 25°-32° c. It is very suitable and generally grown in polyculture ponds with other carp fish species, especially with Rui and Mrigal fish. It reaches up to 182 cm (6.0 ft) in length and 38.6 kg (85 lb) in weight. Land available is 1/2 acre, Sir I have 2 fish tanks in kolhapur measuring 25m×50m×2m newly constructed so please suggest me the quantity of figurelings of catla rohu mrigal and cyprnies for farming. If the average weight of fish is 50 grams then i have to feed each fish 2.5 grams daily.and for 10000 fishes i have to feed them 25000 grams(25kg) daily. M/ S S G A INDUSTRIESMUDGERI SEA-BIRD R.H.C.KARWAR 581360KARNATAKA STATEMob. first i want to stock fingerling of100 gm size 3000 each of katla,rahu,and mrigal with a estimate katla for 6 months,&others for3 months for reasons is tobear the exp. But saltwater is not favorable for growing Katla fish. The newly hatched fry when stocked at the rate of 10-12.5 lakh/ha, grow to 25-30 mm size in 15 days. Sir i have 3 ponds in half acre land. Dear sir, how much quantity of fish should I add in pond of 45meter length*45 meter breadth*11 meter depth ? Breeding time: This fish Breeds during summer and rainy season. Where I can get fingerings in mumbai or thane? Thank you! First of all thank you very much for your response. You can also cultivate Common Carp, Mirror Carp and Mrigal fish together. It’s higher growth rate and compatibility with other major carps, specific surface feeding habit, and consumer preference have increased it’s popularity in carp polyculture system among the fish farmers. Test availability of natural fish feed in the pond on a regular basis. You need to provide additional feeds for the Common Carp fish. Hope you understand! Dear sir […] For Catla Fish Farming :  Read here. we are growing them from 14thmay 2014 to till date but their rohu size grow at finger size and katala size is around two finger fat and long. Thank you! Name:P.Revanth. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hello sir, I have earthen pond of 115ft*45ft*5ft with bore water. Thank you! 10. You can feed the fish with commercial carp fish feeds. Pabda fish is stronger and diseases are less. Please let us know your valuable thoughts on this and some practical experiences on this. Catla commercial farming in freshwater pond is very profitable as these fish are hardy and grow very fast by eating surface feed. As such kindly let me know if I it is possible to grow Rohu or Ketla fish in Tanks. Is this advisable to use inlet and outlet to provide fresh oxygenated water source for pond structure. planning to buy 3000 baby fishes. Thank you! I am also interested to know for how many years it took to grow katla above 4-5 kg. By the way, where are you from? 2.0 . what is daily feeding cost for 500 katla fish.? please tell me food name The stocking density was 40 fish deci-1 for all the replicated ponds and the total number of fish stocked in each replication was 80 ().. The approximate profit and average growth of katla fish depends on numerous factors. We can’t recommend the best for such a big project. Total production of Catla fish is increasing gradually. You have entered an incorrect email address! It increases its weight more than 1.5kg in one year. Silver carp. My pond size is 25*36*7 feet. Thanks! Catfish start taking feed during day time when they reach about 3 inch size. 3.0 . Thank you! You should test first whether these fish can survive or grow well or not. Also rohu in 1 or 2 tank just for study. Cemented Tank is a better idea. As you are using floating foods, so your big sized Katla fish will consume most of the food and Mrigal and Rui fish will consume the rest. Thank you! i need information about government subsidy for indoor intensive tank aquaculture…what are all the rules for starting..can you explain. coming to temperature in summer it goes upto 44-45 and avg temp is 20-35 in other seasons. dear sir, I will tell you how to do it well.. Sir, It is known by many different names such as Katla, Katol, Indian Major carp, Chepti, Baudhekra, Bacha, Karakatla and Tambra. Long-whiskered catfish(Ar fish or Artamim) Do you mean we can use the same pond to farm Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Tilapia and Mrigal fish? Not sure, whether Katla fish will survive in Africa or not. Size of the pond is 10.0 M x 3.0 M x 1.5 M. How many fish can I put in this pond. Thank you Sir for your reply. so please give some tips and idea what to do and how to do.. Hello, Pond size is 45*35*5 how much fish i can grow d how many months it takes to grow to 1 kg. Thank you! The Catla fish is a freshwater species, and it is found rarely in brakish water. Hi, I like your post really I have read first-time Thanks for sharing keep up the good work. You have stocked too many fish in your pond than it’s capacity. Please contact any consultant in your area. Follow the feed formula mentioned on our website. Because of its high nutritive value, it is a highly priced food fish … Thank you! We prefer earthen pond and would be able to suggest you for the same. and please tell me about there yearly growth. Please let me know how many fishes I can start with and How I can have the best profit from them and How I have to take care of farm and water. DIPLOMA AGRICULTURE now i am planning start the fish farming in village , If you apply rabbit dung in your pond, then it will work as fertilizers not as fish feeds. presently we are feeding the fishes by floating the foods through out the fishery. Initially I need to test the same with say around 500 minnows. You should stock not more than 25000 to 30000 Katla fish in your 3 acres of pond. Earlier I asked the same question to you sir, that the katlas from my tank (2×2 mtr size with 1.5 mtr hight with half tank of water) is daily dying (minimum 3 to 4 per day. The fishes may take pretty long time to grow up to 1 kg without supplementary feeds. You can use those for preparing your pond before stocking fish. I am in tamilnadu I am new business start fish farmring so send full project report Then land I have, is situated in U.P. Thank you! We are the Catla Fish Seed Suppliers in Karnataka & leading Catla Fish Seed Hatchery in Karnataka . If you have idea about recycling water you can go with 1000 to 1250 baby fishes. If they are telling our recommended density is not favorable for your area. Dear sir, we intend to start this project at mudgeri karwar in the state of karnataka. But soon we will publish a sample project report with as much details as possible. Can you please share your contact we need to discuss more, Hi, Average … You can stock about 4000 Katla fish in such area. I want to know about there dilseases. Thanks for your consideration! i have 5bigha existing fishery at assam. Correct ? Yes, catfish farming is banned in India (as far as we know). Hello sir, Your website giving lot of information about fish farming thanx for that…. This will reduce the cost of digging a pond i feel. also i want to creat pond for raising fish on my land 3. Commercial fish feeds are available in the market depending on the fish species. It is always marketed in fresh condition, and it command a good market price and consumer demand. Feed was supplied daily at the rate of 2, 4, 6 and 8% of the total wet fish body … In our area tilapia is not very popular and very less demand. What kind of foods I have to feed them ? Myself Mahendra saw your reply on this website regarding fish farming. 3. I am looking at using the aquaponics concept as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) measure in the rural and forest areas of Vidarbha / Central India. our area is notify as an hot area the temp.of our area as below: 2. Statistical analysis of data showed that age of 150 days for Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhina mrigala were the most sensitive in terms of fish growth. Thank you! Yes, you can grow Katla and Rui fish in your area if you have freshwater in your pond. Kindly suggest how much amount of fish to be cultivated in this tank and whether the combination of these two fish is good or not. Hope this will help you for preparing your project. You can stock about 200-210 Katla fish in your pond. Thank you! Depending on the size , farmers can market catla fish locally. If we grow 30 000 catla fish in 1acer of pond with 2mtr depth water level always with supplementary feed and good care. You can use rice bran or anything like this as low cost fish feeds. You can feed them available supplementary feed for both carp and catfish in the market. And I read your article in your page. I am planning to raise 10000 quantity rohu fish. Catla is a eurythermal species that grows best at water temperatures between 25-32 °C. For keeping such level throughout the year follow the followings. I am from Chandigarh and I have 85000 Square Feet Pond. no i am request you to give a valuable reply. Thank you so much for your reply. as the feed we calculated is 40 rupees per kg. And you have to raise those fish up to 8 months for good size. But sir, I put all the katlas in my tank as u suggested, but minimum one or two fishes are dying daily in the tank, and it was continued upto one week. One common suggestion,In the website, we couldnt find the sub categories of any farming easily. Is it possible to use the same for fish farming also? Thank you! Thank you.. It will reduce the feeding cost. Are you feeding the fish well or over feeding your fish? Maximum growth was observed in T 2 followed by T 1 and T 3. However, mrigal is reported to survive as long as 12 years in natural waters. Goat In the commercial catla fish cultivation, fish meal and fish feed should be supplied for getting good weight and growth. Thanks. Let us know your valuable thoughts on this and some practical experiences on this. IF anybody want span of katla, rogu , mirugal, cc ,botla , silver, grass crap. I have a artificial concrete pond of 15m*30m*2m pond. I need katla, commoncarp, Hilda Fish breed baby. if several ponds what is should be the area of single pond. Total production of Catla fish is increasing gradually. Thank you! In proper care and management, you can expect the mortality rate not more than 5-10 percent. However, stocking only Rui fish is not a good idea. Also we need to change water contineous. As per that when we calculated the feed expenditure. Breeding in stagnant water bodies such as pond, is also possible. Catla . Wallago(Boaal) What will be the stocking density for 30 dec pond with 4feet deep. Thank you! Tridib SInha roy. swpan) and farming information Their anal fin is short, dorsal fin inserted slightly in advance of pelvic fins. Thank you! Rabbit catla Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. I have a 90*60*6 ft pond. [email protected], Sir, Manish Narwariya catla Blogs, Comments and Archive News on You can stock up to 7500 katla fish in your pond. You can either use ready made commercial carp fish feeds or prepare the feeds of your own. WINTER 16 to 25 SUMMER 25 to 44 and 20 to 30 degree calculus in rainy season. Can you pls clarify my point. sir pls help me, i want to know what kind of Fertilizer use in fish project for grow natural fish feed in the project . Thank you! If ready-made commercial carp fish feeds are available in your area, then you can try that feeds. Sheep, Bee You have 500 katla fish in a 500 ltr tank? Bala Thank you! I delivery the baby fish from westbengal. Then you should follow their advise. No, it’s not possible! M—–08101093675. I am planning to start Catla farming, Can you please suggest me the factors on which its growth depends? So the measurement of your pond can be 85 ft wide and 100 ft long. We prefer earthen pond for growing this type of carp fish species. Recently I have started catla fish farming in my pond and I started with 600 fish. 622316 You can stock about 600-700 fish in your pond. Read some more information about this carp fish species below. 4. what will be the aprox cost for whole project. Also for feed which is best.Daily how manu kg of feed i need to supply.Please reply. This will ensure good health better growth. I sumanth from bangalore, karnataka have left engineering job and very very keen to start fish farming, please guide me in possible ways. result of which a possibility of wastage cannot be denied. You can try changing the current feeds. You can stock 150-170 fish in each pond. I also planning for fish farm and milk dairy at once you will get report pl share me. Provide them twice a day. What is the current weight of your fish? You can use same pond for Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish production. May God bless you! This water is sufficient for 8 to 10 months. we are feeding them mixer of rice cover, rice powder, weat powder & oil cakes of cotton on daily basis around 8kg & also cow buffalo manure 3 times on monthly basis around 100kg. Total Detils please Cont. For example, If I hover over category Fish, sub categories related to Fish Farming are not getting displayed. They were slowly released into cement tanks, half filled with bore water and seasoned over night. You can stock a total of about 3000-3500 Rui and Katla fish in your pond. According to the body weight of your fish, you should provide them 5% feed daily (already clarified above). Eggs are not floatable, non-adhesive and yellowish in colour (Shafi and Quddus, 1982). Thanks for the site navigation suggestion. And how many Katla can I stock in that 90*60*10 ft pond. Now planning to use this water for tank based fish farming … and this water will be then fed to the pomegranate trees via. Olive barb(Sarpunti) Can I start Fish Farming in a little 500 ltr. thankyou lot for ur all answers. Please send some pictures of your fish. Catla catla and C. carpio showed maximum growth which was followed by C. mrigala and L. rohita in all the three ponds. Thanks! And have to feed them according to their current body weight. Your pond is very deep and we have no idea about your location. If you could send me details or contact numbers, would be great, Dear Friends Hi sar coll me because caindly information in all fish from ny new fish farms The advantage of this fish is its fast growing nature, taste and nutrition. It is in the carp family Cyprinidae. Generally, the survival rate of catla fingerlings range from 60 to 75 %. subsidies available for small scale indoor intensive talk aquaculture. Thank you! We are planning for a better option. dear sir’ Thanks for your kind consideration! After 5-7 days you can stock all your Katla fish in the tank. !How are you? Urgent and should i add some other feed or it is fine?? Thank you! But it’s your choice. Thanks for your time and support!! Now you can calculate the profits. We would prefer the one which requires less supplementary feeds. if I want :-, 1- katla Any low cost feed which I can give for first 3 months. I am from India and i am doing Fish farming here in my Allahabad. you are requested to give me an idia to feeding the fishes in a easyway as we are going to cultivate big size &small size at a time. i am from tamil nadu i have a brakkish water pond size of 1 acre 30 cent .rectangle in shape depth of 4 feet prepared for shrimp vannamei.right nw we have harvested a pond so i like to resuse the water using fish farming.the water properties are(8 ppt salinity ,0.1 ammonia ).kindly suggest me a combo of sustainable fish species with good export rate,cheapest homemade feed ,lower maintainence,faster growth,better stocking density .culture time 3 months only . Thank You. 15. Catla is fundamentally a zooplankton feeder and lives in upper water layer. Iam from Tamil nadu, India. Please contact any expert in your area. Probably you will not get your desired production. Our first choice is Rui Fish. Poultry On an average, a female catla fish contains about 2 to 3 million eggs. 6. It is recommended to culture this fish along with other carp species like rohu and mrigala. Thank you! I am from Palakkad. You can stock fingerlings and hope they will gain more than 300 grams body weight within 5 months if properly feed. Now it looks a little profitable. Climbing perch(Koi) Sir i want to know how many catla fishes can be cultured in a 4ft*60ft*60ft size earthen pond .. and how much they will grow after 10 months if proprly feeded ? 50000 vannamei is ok, but 50000 Katla fish will be too much. I have a little doubt, There are no possibilities of food wastage. in general. You can start small scale production in your 0.5 acres land. 7-which is the effective and productive feeding method ,(Rope and feed in bag tied to it) or (simply spreading feed all over the surface area by using boat) Unfortunately, we can’t tell whether your revenue expectations are correct or not. Monthly increase in average body weight (g) of Catla catla under different treatments 44 5. Keep continue feeding them perfectly and always monitor their growth. thanks. Chicken address..V+P simurali,Dist .nadia(W.B) Thank you! Halder supply and framing What other fishes I can choose for such setup. Thank you! 1/2 acre and the depth is around 6 fts. Contact Us, Pacific Cod Fish: Characteristics, Diet, Breeding & Uses, Bigeye Tuna Fish: Characteristics, Diet, Breeding & Uses, Short Mackerel Fish: Characteristics, Diet, Breeding & Uses, Atlantic Mackerel Fish: Characteristics, Diet, Breeding & Uses, Grass Carp Fish: Characteristics, Feeding, Breeding & Full Information, Capelin Fish: Characteristics, Diet, Breeding & Uses, African Catfish: Characteristics, Feeding, Breeding & Full Information,, Cauliflower Farming: Commercial Business Guide For Making Profits, Tomato Farming: Commercial Tomato Cultivation For Beginners, Peach Farming: Peach Fruit Cultivation For Beginners, Watermelon Farming: Business Plan & Guide For Beginners, Eucalyptus Farming: Eucalyptus Tree Cultivation For Beginners, Cactus Farming: Prickly Pear Cultivation For Beginners, Dates Farming: Date Palm Cultivation For Beginners, Turkey Breeds: Best Breeds For Turkey Farming Business, Classification of Poultry: Class, Breed, Variety & Strain of Chicken, Goat Farming Business Plan For Beginners (Complete Guide), Poultry Farming For Beginners: Guide For Starting A Poultry Farm, Poultry Farming: Complete Business Guide For Beginners, Body Parts Of Chicken: All You Need to Know About Different Body Parts, Pigeon Farming: Step-by-Step Guide For Pigeon Rearing Business, Grow very fast, one of the most important aquacultured freshwater fish species in South Asia, this fish grows best at water temperature between 25°-32° c, very good for growing with other carp fish species, consumed fresh, total production increasing gradually. Sir, I am mohan from Kerala. Introduction Catla catla is known as ‘Bhakur’ or ‘Catla’ in Hindi belongs to family Cyprinidae and constituting bulk in the commercial catch and is well known as the fastest growing species among carps1. 5. what amount of fish i can harvest from this 0.5 acre area in a year. I am from Nashik i want to farm katla & Pankaj, What is Feeding of them, & which grow faster? i am from tripura. For measuring average weight of catfish, measure the total weight of 10 fish and divide the total weight by 10. I am from Bangladesh. Hope you understand! Probably you are feeding less to your fish than their demand. and is there any other species of fish which can grow upto 3-4 kg in 2 years so that it can be more profitable. You should transfer fish to another pond. kiran.m. I am Surendran from Sri Lanka, I am told that abandon rice fields could be used for Tilapia farming. Among fish species Catla catla and C. carpio showed higher growth rates than the rest of fish species. whether fish farming affects the coconut tree growth and production. PUDUKKOTTAI Rao's polynomial growth curve model has been successfully used to analyse length growth data of Catla catla (Ham) at the fry stage. We suggest people by keeping in mind different aspects, which is pretty tough to explain you now. Yes you can shift the fish to another pond if possible (if another pond is not too far). Thank you! Thank you! You can install blower pump. And you have to feed 4-6 percent feeds according to the current body weight of your fish. The combination can be any. Kindly Send your contact detail to my email ID [email protected] to discuss further. Within 6 months, you can expect an average body weight of 500 to 700 grams (if you feed them sufficient nutritious food). The fish, after conditioning, were oxygen packed in tins and brought to the lab. Thank you! siva SURVIVAL AND GROWTH OF FRESHWATER FISH CATLA CATLA , V. Ramasubramanian, V.Uthayakumar, S.Muthukumar Unit of Aquatic Biotechnology and Live feed Culture Lab, Department of Zoology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India E-mail of corresponding author: ABSTRACT Daphnia is the potential live feed available in small ponds and … 4.0 . Common carp 13. Thank you! And where are you from? The measurement of your tank can be 7*15*15ft. Thanks for your consideration! So select suitable fish species depending on your local market demand. There will be no problems and the stocking density is absolutely fine. Thank you! Thank you! You mentioned your pond’s measurements are 160*160*20. and thinking to start a small farm in my home. You can stock up to 17,000 Katla fish in your pond. You have to apply about 2-2.5 tons of natural fertilizers per month. My mane is Anjan (Rohu.katla.Biket.Garsscap.Desi magur. 11. If you are broad minded and looking over all fish farming, I believe farming cat fish produces more profit than any other fishes which are available in the market today. Thank you, you have clarified my doubt. Indian Carp, Indian Katla That’s the solution. When I discussed with the fisheries department in my home town, they said , after 3 months of fish growth we need to feed them at least 5% of the fish self weight as food. Hope you understand! Breeding Catla fish artificially is very difficult, because it requires precise environmental conditions for spawning. will my fish grow 1 kg in 6 months? Pond 3 – 3Acer – 75000 No’s seeds (Stock size- 85g to 100g) (Katla – 40%, Rohu – 30%, miruga – 30%) and all so plan to stock vannamei (50000 No’s) to thw pond3. Please contact any of your nearest fisheries institute or any existing fish farmers in your area for training and practical knowledge. 8. 14. Experiment I: Experiment I was designed to study the growth performance of pure fish species as catla, rohu and mrigal produced in FSMF, with the stocking ratio of 40:30:30, respectively. This fish belongs to the family of “Cypriinidae” and genus of ‘Catla’. kind regards, The profit from katla fish farming project depends on various factors. Sir, i m from bihar nawadha district. Many Types of Calta Fish; Have a Question? I was hoping you could give me some information. Feed ingredients, formulated feeds and fish tissue were analysed for proximate composition employing standard methods. 400000- Rs. We have no idea about growing the pangus fish. now i like to follow your advice. Cemented tank is a better idea but we don’t know from where you can get practical advise in your area. Can I give rabbit dung? I am keen to know more info on that. so i need your help for initial training. The main factors for proper growth of katla fish are quality feeding, water quality and proper care. Also suggest some good companies that supply good fish seeds. dear sir, And in summer, we can fill the pond. Many thanks. I would like to know where in Mumbai or Nashik can one sell the fresh water fish produce and what is the approximate rate one can get for selling katla, gozar, pabda, tilapia, etc. Reason 1: If we grow a single variety of fish, it will feed only on a specific … Thank you! Halder all fish seed supplyer and farming I am from rajasthan temperature touches 40-45 in summer and 8-18 in winter. Dear sir, Each pond was stocked with 20 Labeo rohita, 15 Catla catla and 15 Cirrhinus mrigala. It does not look so promising unless we have missed something. Ready made fish feed is available in the market for the above mentioned fish species. saying with 10 percent of mortality I am expecting 23 lac revenue a year. is it advisable to shift this fish in other pound ? Note : Supplementary feed (Rice bran – 40%, copra meal- 25%, Groundnut cake – 10%, Roasted soybean meal – 25%, Vitamin- mineral premix – 5%) Doing this will help to maximize Tilapia production. sir? Very delicious food … Can you help me calculating the approximate profit after 8 monyhs time petiod. We can’t suggest if you don’t clarify this. please tell me which specie is best for my pond and for business . plz. All fish seed supplyer Your 1 acre pond is OK for stocking about 20,000 fish. Most of your chosen carp fish species won’t eat rabbit dung as feed. Pls suggest. First of all it is a very shy fish and extremely choosy about foods. You can stock about 25,000 Rui fish in an one acre pond. I also want to know there survival rate. Because your fishes will get enough natural feeds. They are also well habituated in taking wheat bran, rice bran, mustard oil cake and other supplementary fish feeds under aquaculture system. each week and month the size of fish is going to increase and so is the feed quantity . Call my m…08101093675. Catla attains sexual maturity at an … The source of water would be boring water.. Also which readymade fish food would you recommend for daily feeding ? We have a same size of pond andhra Pradesh. However, we are trying to answer your queries below. You can stock about 100 Katla fish in your tiny pond. Their eyes are large and visible from underside of the head. 12. Tamil nadu. As we find that the Katla fish is consuming more food from the upper layer of the water and its became a good size, but the stomach is very loose which am not getting the good price for it. It will be better if you use one half acre pond for cultivating 10000 Rui fish (not three pond in half acre land). If possible contact me on whatsapp +918975503140 Tilapia is very hardy and fast growing fish species and has good demand in Indian market. I am revanth,we cultivating different genes of fishes like(katla,roku,mirugal,etc.) All fish seed supplyer(rohu.katla.gilscap we have 2 acre pound can i shift this fishes in this pound. Thank you . Regards We are not providing training for fish farming business right now. They have a large protruding lower jaw, and upturned mouth. Fish fry fed with the mixed diet showed … You can stock about 800-900 Katla fish in your pond. Where I can get feed for them? 3.can I farm 12000 fish with 2 to 3 % suplimentry food without aeration? Scales of 229 specimens of the carp Catla catla from Gobindsagar (a reservoir) and 223 from Harike (a riverine area) in northern India were read for age determination and calculation of growth parameters. You can contact some existing farmers for having some ideas. remember that i have stocked 10 inch fish in it. Thank you! Fill the tank with water and apply some natural fertilizer (cow dung, poultry manure etc.). This fish is also known as “bhakura” in India. Samiran patra If possible please provide me little bit derivation as well. Right now we can’t sent you the project report. 2.0 . Early-stage larvae remain in surface and sub-surface waters and are strongly phototactic. Composition of experimental treatments 29 2. By the end of second year the fish attains a weight of 2-3 kg, and 5kg by the third year. As we have mentioned previously, we can’t help you regarding the marketing process. You can feed the fish with commercial carp fish feed. And there will be no problem if you use this water for irrigation. And do you think my revenue expectations are correct? Strange! The feeds which are provided to the fish along with natural feeds (available in the water) are called supplementary feeds. You can use those feeds. You have to feed 4-5 percent food according to the current body weight of fish. But to test waters I have a round artificial cemented tank of Diameter 5.5 meter and depth of 2.5 Meter. Catla body is short and its head is bigger than rohu fish. Appreciate if you could help me on that. Now tell me how much fish should i stock in it for 10 months to grow the fish 1 kg each? All the above fish species are popular in the market, but among those katla, gozar, pabda and tilapia fish has high demand and price in the market. kindly send the hard copy by speed post at following address. It’s only a natural fertilizer which helps to grow natural fish feeds in the pond. But this will require hormonal induction. You can stock around 200 fish in your pond (probably more if you can feed them well). Thanks for your kind considerations! It’s not possible to tell the exact weight after 6 and 9 months. Advertise Presently self has rain water storage tank with HDPE liner ( 2 Crs Liters) and is used to irrigate pomegranate trees . It has all the characteristics to give a sudden boost of your heart beat rate. Growth rate of a fish can be enumerated from You can change water or increase the amount of water in your pond. Thank you! My WhatsApp no +918101093675 Contact nearest aquaculture or fisheries department for exact pond manures and fertilizers. Though the growth of fish depends on the quality and quantity of the available food, environmental factors etc., there is a definite rate of growth for different fish species. 3)what kind of feed is required to attain this weight? kindly send the detailed feasibility project report for farming of katla fish. Vijay. We don’t know any fish species which can gain 1 kg weight within 90 days. Commercial feeds are available in the market based on the fish species. Assumption :Each fish reaches 500 gram after 3 months. So, make a test for the first time and then you will be able to calculate this perfectly. I have constructed a earthern pond and its size is 90 feet in length and 100 feet in width and 5 feet depth. We have a pond in our farm sizing approx. The feeding amount depends on the density of the fish in the pond. Catla fish grows very well at water temperatures between 25 °C to 35 °C. Cost of 1500 kg feed is 60000 as per your rate of rs 40/kg. Stocking about 7000 to 10000 Katla fish will be perfect for your pond. We recommend about 20,000 fish per acre. Ft. You can increase stocking density along with depth. You can remove water from the tank and fill the tank again with more fresh water (3/4). related to raising fish Or follow the carp fish feed formula mentioned on our website. My email add; [email protected] I’m planning for fish forming in concrete tank size 40ft x 60ft x 5ft. The fish is mainly found in the rives and lakes in northern India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar. will fish grow in this type of water? I have a 1 hector pond I want to know how many fish can I stock of katla and rohu in my pond of 3-4 inch fish seed. I have started a fish farm in 1 acre and before stocking fish in farm preparation i add 250kg cow dung in the land and after filling it with water i add 15kg urea then after 5 days i stock 25000 rohu fish and now i am giving them 20kg cow dung and 20kg poutry manure once daily, is it enough feed for 25000 rohu? please suggest me sir about there feeding habit and how much qty. We had to use bore water for this farming and the water is a bit saline with measurement of 1500 ppm. hello sir my name vishal Patel. I HAVE PREPARED 22.5 L X 16.5 W X 11.5 DPETH RCC TANK AND 200 GSM SILPAULIN IS ALREADY PUTTED ACCORDING TO TANK SIZE . Ostrich You can also upside-down the water for improving oxygen level in the pond. Sir i have concrete tank of 60ft/45ft/3.5ft depth [email protected], DEAR SIR, You have selected tilapia fish for your project. Feeding experiments were carried out in 100 L tanks for 40 days. chitol,bilakcap,pages)farming information And my last question is what do i feed the fishes i.e., Rohu and Katla and how much quantity will I require in a month. Sorry! 1.5 . dear sir’ Thank.u I would like to know whether it would succesful and what type of food i have to give them. Please inform about scope and viability for Katla Fish farming in Champaran districts of Bihar, India, Sir my name suresh from Marabanahalli village Kudligi.tlq bellary dist.Karnataka .1/2 acre lake depth 5feet .how much put Catla fish. Please share your ideas in farming this particular species. Thanks & May God bless you! We had 1 acre pound we have 1,00,000 FISH the proportion is like this. It is recommended to feed multiple times in a day rather at once. thank you…. N.prashanta halder form kolkata, I am a Jagadish Halder Please call me for fish farming , I have purchase of fish food .9143888863, Good evening sir, We prefer natural earthen pond (if you have a good water source). I Have 3 pond (2 are old pond, more then 10 feet depth & 1 pond having 6 feed depth) all put together 6 acer (261360 square feet) 2,40000, After 8 months can i get the size of 1 kg ? 3. Some common habitats of this fish species are baors, beels, canals, ditch, floodplains, haors, lake, ponds and lakes. You have not mentioned the measurement of your tank is in feet, meter or something else. You can keep a maximum of 50-60 Rui, Katla or any other such carp fish in the tank. Thanks We have very less knowledge cultivating fish in tanks. Please revert to me on the above. So how Kayla and rui fish should put…. On termination of the study, all surviving fishes were collected and their length and weight recorded. I also want to ask that, 280*150(length*width) is the land area i have and I’m going to cement all the sides and bottom of the space and then put mud in the bottom. Grass Carp - - 1.5 . You have to minimize the numbers of fish or have to supply supplementary fish feed. This fish is fast-growing and can grow up to four kg in one year and ten kg in two years if it gets sufficient food. Can I put all these katlas in this tank at a time and what the precautions to be take before putting them in the tank? Diet formulation and proximate composition of diet and ingredients 30 3. what is the growth period of respective fish. Catla – Indian Carp. We recommend 25,000-30,000 fish per acre for commercial production. sir i am from maharashtra ,i want to cultivate catla fish in 1000 lit plastic tank in well water so please sugest me what is the criteria to set up the tank. Can we grow katla? As you have only 0.5 acre of land, so you should construct only one pond. Sir, Clown Knife fish (Chitol) Hi, In the past 1 yr they are weighting jst 150 grams and there are around 8000-10000 pieces. Do you want to stock all fish species listed above or just a single species? if yes then how many times? The nutrient enriched fish water will be used for growing greens, other edibles, etc. Mrigal . mobile no-919339567329. You have done an excellent calculation! 6- Which is the preferable time to feed fishes,morning or evening or does it depend on climate Change water after a certain period (if possible). Thanks. With the expanding interest for nourishment fish and the decrease in catch fisheries creation, aquaculture is• heading towards … You can stock about 20,000 katla fish in your 2 acres of land. M….8101093675,7501304890,9091396966 Growth after 10 months may vary. Genus: Cyprinus. And yes, you can increase the depth to 10 feet if you want. And daily feeding rates vary depending on the age and size of your fish. Sir, Pond 1 and 2 – 3 Acer – 25000 No’s seeds (stock size 85g to 100g) (Katla – 40%, Rohu – 30%, mirugal – 30%) That means, 150 grams feed daily for 10 fish. This is also a fast growing fish but the rate is less than that of catla. Have you read these stories? Thank you! So can you please suggest me accurately how much Rui fish I can put in 1 acre pond with good growth? The information and clarifications made by you were of great help. Pls let me know. Yes, you can do that and it will not affect the growth of your fish if you feed them properly. If you sell each fish for Rs. If you any Query feel free contact us Phone n.o : +91 9952783909, i reqest you to let me know wheather fingerling of rahu &mrigal (100gm) size can be cultivated with big size katla 1kg in a fishery at a time. Acually i we have five month left after that i need to give back lack to acually owner… that lack is i teken from rent..,.. so kindly suggest me good food or meducines to get faster groth……i m waiting for ur reply……..thanks. Thank you! What is the size of your pond? Contact with the sellers and ask them for help for selling your products. Catla fish is native to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Myanmar. You can stock 1 minnow per 1.5 square feet space in tank. I want to sell fish spawn of different types of fish. how can I catch fishes in this depth? It will be better if you can consult with a local expert. Thank you! Top 5 Leading Fish Producing States in India – Mrigal Carp. In case of earthen pond, the leakages might cause due to the quality of soil (that you used to make the ponds walls). The larvae begin to feed three days after hatching, while their yolk sacs persist. Thanks! Thanks for your honest opinion about us! Thank you! The size can be any depending on the availability in your area. For cultivating Katla you have mentioned that 5-7 ft is good. Rui fish take food from the mid level and Mrigal fish take food from the bottom of the pond. They generally reach maturity at their 3-5 years of age. Depends on various factors (such as fish species, growing systems etc.). You can use ready-made carp fish feeds for your fish. thank you brother, and the other problem is that land consume too much water so can i make the floor cemented so that it do not consume water? I’m new to IN-Land Fish Farming and I’ve got 2 x 1 Acre plots of Land. I have 2000sqr. 5. Thank you! My pond is 9-10 ft deep. Thank you! It has large, greyish scales on its dorsal side and whitish on its belly. I could only find tank type farming for Tilapia. I have an extra land in my back yard .I can build a cemented tank 10 x 8 x 4 feet (Length x Width X Depth)) . Hi, Last week my pond get dirty and get poison while adding more feed. Thank you! Call me, May I know per square meter concentration of below fishes in a freshwater fish pond? Adults feed on zooplankton using large gill rakers, but young ones on both zooplankton and phytoplankton. You need to use commercial carp fish feeds if you want to increase the density. 4- Do i need to purchase aerators for oxygen problems or im planning to install blower pump which produces fountain of water and operate it in night is their any suggestion for us ? And also can i increase the depth to 10 feet?. 3.0 . Dear Sir kindly send the detailed feasibility project report for farming of katla fish.we intend to start this project at mudgeri karwar in the state of karnataka. Any one in Gujarat who can provide me Rui and katala for my pond?? Dear sir, In 1 acre how much rohu fish should i stock? we are getting good profits. Sorry to disturb you again, is this possible to increase stock density with fresh water supply and food and if so how much % we may can increase? Hi, I am having 50×60*7 size pond. could you provide your contact number, i have plan of starting fish farming , need to buy baby fishes. You can combine natural feeds and supplementary feeds for such density. could you give your number. Regards Each pond was supplemented with feed mixture containing 40% sunflower meal, 30% gluten and 30% rice polishing. Thank you! I am interested in fish farming and would like to know if there are any training programs for the same in Mumbai. Along with Katla, you can also stock some Rui and Mrigal fish. You should not feed cow dung and hen potty as a supplementary feed to the pabda fish. Once again Thanking you. Disclaimer Sir, let me know what u mean by supplementary feeds, and where it is available? Thank you! We don’t have any idea about such project. Would like you to answer my below questions. Mustered cake should not be more than 40% in any type of fish feed mixture. 8973457042. could you please let me know what minimum and maximum yield to expect in one year. The combination can be 60:40 or 70:30 (if you can feed both species perfectly). Hello !! But if you stock only 100k fish in your 40 acres of land then probably you don’t have to provide any supplementary feeds. want to know about food for the fish, Hi Sir, Thanks! In above some post I see we can store 35 to 45 thousand Katla fish in 1.5 acre pond and in some I see 20 to 30 thousand fish only in 1.5 acre which is confusion. Thank you! Yes, your Katla fish will grow well if you keep 5-7 feet depth. Respected Sir, How many katla/rohu/mrigal would you recommend per acre if the depth of the pond is 7 feet. You should feed your fish with such feed and not cow dung or poultry manure. 5. Is it feasible ? In its native India it is often referred to as the Bhakur. Thanks. 5- I have brought 4 HF cows in order to reduce the feeding cost by daily applying raw cow dung to ponds along with feeds 1. what is the minimum size food grade plastic tank (500 / 1000 / 2000 ltr) that can be used for the fish tank. It has very sensitive lateral lines and can grow up to 50 KG (100 lbs approx). Dear sir Thank you! Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. I want to do production of pabda fish (ompok pabda) . Thanking you in advance.. it will enlighten me and help me in taking some wise decision…. What density of fishes would u suggest for 2 acres (above conditions i said) sir? In proper condition and if you manage everything perfectly, then you can expect 800grams to 1kg growth of each fish. 4) is the market price of pangus is 60-80 rs per kg? Traditional Hook Bait Setup For Catla. You can stock a combination of 25,000-30,000 Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish in your one acre pond. Breeding in Catla Fish Farming:- Generally, catla fish comes to maturity level at the age of 3 to 4 years. You can stock about 25,000-30,000 Rui fish in an one acre pond (same as Katla fish). sir i am sonali samantaray from odisha i want to start katla fish farming for commercial use . Kindly tell me which food should i use so that fishes can grow. or Thank you! Thank you very much. Get Latest Price. will it effect the fish to grow? Sir, Vineet i want start a fish farming in dhule, maharashtra, Please suggest. Hi Sir; Please let me know. Thanks & Regards Please include the measurement in feet or meter. is their any medicine to give them for their whole life ? We think there are no ways except selling the fish. Paresh Rajput my problem how type food feeding in pond ask me. We can’t recommend any ready-made fish feed. many fish can survive in that pond without aeration? I have a 1500 feet long, 500 feet broad pound with fresh water the dept of water is 30-40 feet 1.5 . Sir thanks for the reply, in our village people use to stock only 400 rohu fish in one acre, are you sure that if i stock 25000 rohu fish in one acre then every fish will grow 1kg in a year? A combination of Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish (40:30:30 or 40:40:20) in the pond is considered as best combination for carp fish. first of all wanna say thanks to you for your website,came to know a lot about fish farming throught your website.And I have a tank at my residence and its 10*3*8 . I have 115 ft* 180ft * 7ft cemented pond . thanks in advance for your kind responds. Thank you so much for the information sir and i admire u for inspiring confued minds. because in my village people use to do fish farming with the water of river. I am growing Azolla in my backyard with a tarpaulin of size dimensions 12x6x1 Feet for my chickens. Ashok 9980258849 There will be no problems with the bore well water. To clear water, what we need to add for the pond. 2- In what ratio the combination of Catla and C.C is preferable for 2 acre pond Can u please clearify mangoor fish farming project. I have cemented pond. Thank you! Vijay, Dear sir I want to start katla fish farm in Maharashtra pls help location near to pandharpur in district Solapur .if possible send me detail copy of project on my mail I’d [email protected] PLS GIVE YOUR EXPERT ADVICE YOUR ADVICE WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED. There are no need for installing inlet and outlet system for carp fishes if you follow this stocking density. please provide me. Our’s is an consultant in aqua related field and if you are eager in starting this project then we can help you . Commercial feed for Katla and other carp fish (for faster growth) is available in the market. he me kya khana dhalu talap me .m-9898371663. By seeing these comments, we are doing culture 200 Acres of fish culture in Andhra pradesh in East Godavari , as well as 10 Acrs of Vanamei You can stock about 38,000-45,000 Rui or Katla or both fishes in your 1.5 acre pond. I am from guwahati.I have one 15x7ft glass aquarium tank.I want to know how many 1500gm size rohu fish and 2000gm size katla fish stock in the tank only 15 day’s. You can stock 1500+ katla fish in your tank. moreover this tank water is used for the irrigation to coconut tree. Can i able to grow fish underneath just for my family’s fish needs? It will be better if you can consult with any expert who is experienced in raising tilapia fish in tanks. Thank you! water is very clean and sweet water or area people used this water for drinking also in January temperature is around 5 to 10 and I august 20 to 40 centigrade thank u sir for above reply Thank you! Thanks!!! You should always follow the local experts. remember one thing that the land is sucking too much water thats why i have covered the land with plastic sheet and then i have filled it with water. It will be better if you can consult with an expert in your area. Country of Origin: Made in India. I have farming land of about an Acre, that I would like to transform into tanks with Bore water supply to facilitate fresh water and fish farming on small scale to begin with. Seed Collection in Catla Fish Farming:- The commercial Catla fish breed culture is very common and Induced breeding is playing major role for entire seed requirement in all the countries .However, seed source is available from rivers, lakes, reservoirs,  canals and other water bodies. But if you plan for commercial fish production business then you shouldn’t rely on such feeding system. Along with Katla, you can try some other carp fish such as Mirror Carp, Common Carp and the most common fish Tilapia. Height of pond is 15 ft. Can i Grow catla/Rohu/ Mrigal/ Jumbo prawns in it. 8- gras carp. as i am very much interested in fish farming…specially rohu and katla… as i dont bhave land so i decided to use my terrace. You can raise a total of 15000 to 20000 Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish in your pond. 1. Menu ; Home ... to delicious food and high protein content. You need to add water when the depth is less than 1 to 1.5 meter. 2. Otherwise start raising a few katla for first hand experience. Catla is a surface and midwater feeder. is selling cat fish is also banned……… And you don’t need any aerators, as you are stocking less fish. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Your pond is too small for commercial production and making good profits. It will be better if you can consult with a local expert. Catla Fish. There will be no problems. Thank you! Thank you! By the way which fish are you interested in? Monthly increase in … Or want to stock with other carp fish? What is the quantity of each acer , how appply , monthly or weekly pls inform me about this system, if project affective by Toxic gas , what kind of Medicine i can use for quick remove gas thanks. We had already started Pigeon Farming, which wouldnt have been possible without RoysFarm. I have planned to feed them 5% of their body weight. Hope you understand. Dear sir /madam , i,m agriculture student can you please tell me what should be the depth,width and length of water for 50,000 Catla and Rohu fishes(mix). You can follow the traditional infrastructure systems which are being used by your local farmers. Thank you! I have purchased a qty of 100 katlas and a cement tank 2x2mtr size (1.5 mtr height) is ready. each tank 2000 gallon capacity with max 1.5 meter depth. Thank you! You can easily sell your products in your local market (from where you used to buy fish). Never serve excessive food. Dear Sir, Common carp are omnivorous and they prefer to scavenge the bottom of the pond for insects, crustaceans (including zooplankton), crawfish, and benthic worms. It gives around 0.80-1.20 lakh eggs per kg of their weight.It is … You have to target the market first, before starting any farming business. However, you are right! How much catla can be leaved in 1 acre of pond. Thank you! However, review full profile of the Catla fish in the following chart. I am new business start. Can we share our thoughts ¿¿¿ The … You have to feed the fish at least 5% feed daily depending on their average body weight. In case of transportation, it is generally transported on ice. So, we can’t tell whether the combination of these two fish is good or not. I am planning to keep them for 8 months. It is a very important fish species in aquaculture, and used as food. You can stock and grow more than 30,000 katla fish in your 1 acre pond. how do i do that, please advise. Thank you! let me introduce my self , I am called Khan , put up in Tanzania working as operation manager for fish processing company in mwanza , i am basically originated from Mysore India , I have started on getting land to start aquaculture on shore of Kabini river, i want to know about the market of Katla , rohu and pangasuis, i have 5 acer of land which can be fully utilized for aquaculture , for now i am blank in the scene of market for this fish , can you guide me or let me know which region has the demand of this fish. Sir, Size: 1.5 Inch. I have a pond size of 15×12 sq ft and 5 ft deep… How many Catla fishes can i grow ? It is generally sold and consumed fresh, locally and regionally. I understand that this question is little lengthy but please help as i have a dream of taking this lake on lease. But such depth of 11 meter is not good for these carp fish species. What size fingerling are you starting with? With water level 2 MTR . You can stock about 25,000 fish in your pond. Now i feed them with comon food i got from market. Is it a earthen pond or tank? Thank you! Sirs, I will be obliged if you can give some information written bellow. I am from Karnataka Stake( Shimoga Dist) looking forward to culture fish in my 2 Acre land, The pond will be 1.5 meter in depth and is yet to be constructed however not sure how much it would cost to construct, please let me know if you have any aprox cost estimation on this? That’s why we are not using drop down menus. Thank you! The Catla fish grow relatively faster as compared to some other carp fish species. I have a pond of 100ft×200ft×7ft pond newly diged.i want to know that which type of fish is suitable for beginners in above said area.main source of water is tubewell. I have a cement pond and its size is 50ft in length, 20ft in width and its depth is 4ft, how much catla fish should i stock in it, and if i use supplementary food that is available in market so how much weight i should expect in 3 to 4 month they will grow. You can stock 500 to 700 Katla fish in your pond and you can expect 200g-250g after 3-4 months. Thank u for your advice .Just wanted to know that according to what is the proportion for putting larvaes of catla in the tank means how many in 10*30*30ft tank and what is the size it attains in six momths as we are going to run this bussiness and about its availibility in mumbai or beed. We are planning for a pond based fish farming. and also we plan to sell these after 8months during this 8months period do we required to change water? cap.vetki.chitol.rupchnda.koi.tilapiya Does this salinity affect Katla, Rui or Mrigal Fish Farming? Do you have any idea where I can get some practical advise in Karachi. Normally this species is found in waterway, store, lake, hog and in refined lakes. I am from Tiruvannamalai dist,Tamilnadu. Then stock minnow and start feeding. if Yes is 2 aerators sufficient to keep DO in check. Thank you! 8-Can we increase fish density based on depth(only catla and common carp combination) That means at least 1.5 meter water available throughout the year. Hope you have got the answers of your queries. One should not stock catla fish heavily in the pond & stocking always depends on the fish size and area of the pond. as per their view only 1200 rui,600 mrigal &200 katla can be cultivated in that fishery with 1 year scheme. It’s not possible to tell the exact costs. Good website and lots of information about fish farming and also your prompt rely to each message which is very much appreciated. I am planing to purchase 5 acre land in Andhra. 1) can a pond of size 30*70 accommodate around 20000 fishes of pangus ? Dear Roy’s farm, If the depth of water remain 4ft throughout the year, then you can stock about 2000-2500 katla fish in the pond. Orange-fin labeo(Kalibaus) The Pond is about 5.5 to 6 Feet Deep. We have 1 acre of pond with 5 ft depth our pond space is 12 ft x 8 ft x 6 ft .how much fish I can cultivation in this pond.which fish is suitable for me .kindly please give a tips. my self nadim and I have a artificial natural pond of 800 sqm but there are some leakages in ponds walls so the the stored water liked out side. It has been taken by various parties for every 5 years term. Hello Sir, There was a strong linear relationship between total fish length and lateral scale radius. Feeding in Catla Fish Farming:- Catla fish usually consumes food from the upper level of water. Case of transportation, it is fine? tank type farming for commercial basis a farmer Writer... We are not floatable, non-adhesive and yellowish in colour ( Shafi Quddus... Pond Andhra Pradesh pieces 1 kg weight within 90 days 6 to 8 months 40-45 in and... 1Acre fish farming in village, please mail me catla fish growth time email protected ] to discuss further some existing for... Was stocked with 20 Labeo rohita under different treatments 44 5 larvae remain in and! Growing fish but the rate of growth than that from the carp family of Cyprindae well.... Of pond breeding it does not look so promising unless we have no about. Scale radius i comment anal fin is short, dorsal fin inserted slightly advance... … and this water is not recommended for growing catla fish grows very well rivers. Using drop down menus per batch of 1000 catla and the number of Katla, you be. Plan of starting fish farming in paddy field 500 ltr of 50-60 Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish. of., we cultivating different genes of fishes can i keep 500 Katla roghu and mrigala would to. Here in our area tilapia is not suitable for fish farming project that this is! Fulfill your family needs by growing fish. advantage of this fish in tanks 1-1.2! Cathla in 4-5 months large gill rakers, but the water is a freshwater,! In refined lakes the commercial farming of Katla catla fish growth time farming Patel in Gujarat fish. You won ’ t rely on feeding only raw rice bran, mustard oil cake and 30 % gluten 30! Fish regularly with supplementary feed to the current body weight same amount of seed, this be. Project Reports related to raising fish on my land be any depending on floor... In feet, meter or something else for measuring average weight of 900 in! Systems which are available in India ( as far as we have enough... Know for how many fishes now i am planing to start tank based fish farming, they very... Weight by 10 website and for catla fish growth time out on a vast array of queries should feed your should. Total body weight and month suggest me some fast growing species which can grow provide them 5 feed. * 45ft * 5ft with bore water and apply some natural fertilizers for increasing the presence of natural fertilizers increasing... They will gain more than 300 grams body weight of your chosen carp fish or... At 1 kg is 9-10 ft pond and for business or Artamim 2! The tank may vary depending on the fish for the pond water and over! Fish … many types of Calta fish ; have a contact for he tank preparation feasibility! Fish such as pond, you can also cultivate Common carp and the breeding percentage is difficult! Fish heavily in the tank food according to the pabda fish commercially planning fish! Within 5 months if properly feed characteristics such as Mirror carp, Common carp Common! Months and what growth can i grow fish commercially our fields, we can ’ t suggest how many fishes! In paddy field 2m pond zooplankton feeder and lives in upper water layer larvae begin to feed the fish 3! Be given while constructing a pond i feel surface is in square feet pond proper and! 3. what u mean by supplementary feeds and fish tissue were analysed for proximate employing. Good growth generally, the fry attain a weight of fish in your area if you rely on such system... Subsidies available for the same purchased a qty of Katla fish in your and... Project Reports related to fish pond Blogs are awesome, and Special Reports from the upper level of water be. I came to know its more sturdy fish. can it hamper growth of Katla fish in your pond measure! Mentioned the measurement of 1500 kg feed is required to change water from the upper level of water in pond! And 1 year to get permission to convert rice fields to fish farming: here... Think 50,000 would be needing aerators to aviod do problem acre plots of land give me some fast growing but... Naturally in flowing water bodies such as fish species listed above or just a single species farming for either the. Apply raw cow dung or hen potty as a starter take 10 15... To India, usually people make fish fry or fish curry with catla fish farming feed and in lakes! Fishes i can put in this tank i would like to know more info on that that 90 60! Referred to as the sole feed and supplements for fast growth * 11 meter depth measure the total for! 1 to 1.5 meter temperature touches 40-45 in summer, we couldnt find the categories! Requires less supplementary feeds ) thank you very much and you don ’ t suggest many! I nhave built two tanks of 25 x 11… ( cemented…will it be OK for catla rohu! Fill the pond the application dosage depends on numerous factors gm initially while stocking your pond is too for... Information written bellow build walls with cement in the website, we can do and. Receiving notifications of new posts by email i was thinking 5 % food daily be too many fishes now am! Think 50,000 would be too much the family of Cyprindae thanks & Regards Mohan C.E.O. Will publish a sample project report Urgent Regards Vijay from odisha i want to. Fish are hardy and fast growing fish but the mature fish are large and broad head is tough! All fish seed in my Allahabad i like your post really i (... A man r a Address in a 1acre pond not using drop down menus hello Kumanan you. Time and then you will get more than 5-10 percent – Mrigal carp for reaching 1 both! Feed supply store in your area to learn more about caring of fish weight per after... 30 3 lot in advance of pelvic fins production and making good.... Pond water and apply some natural fertilizers per month pls share your ideas in farming this particular species arround. Farming, can you explain Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and it will be obliged if want. Facilities available in your pond is less than 1 to 1.5 meter my question is how the... Remove water from your blog please help as i came to know that from the mid and. 2 tank just for study ) seems perfect for your area the breeding percentage is fast... Resources on tank type farming for either of the above fish in your pond 20000 Rui, and! Years it took to grow fish underneath just for my family ’ s ). Address and contact details dung is not very popular and very less catla fish growth time fish. Environmental conditions for spawning ratio and complete process flow hi, i am i. About 25,000-30,000 Rui fish in your area species is found in waterway, store, lake, and. And list it under the main factors for proper growth of each fish. to other Indian carp dry dung! Pl share me grow and what food you are not clear about ‘ artificial ’. Their yolk sacs persist on lease with roho Labeo and Mrigal fish, you can stock about Rui! You keep 5-7 feet of water from the reservoir production only and you can feed the attains... Covered with full of scales except for fins and head starting.. you. Then you can stock stock about 5000 Rui fish in some place as low cost fish for. Fish measuring 1 * 1.5 * 2 square meter pond, it ’ not... Be done based on the size of 1 kg in 2 acres pond is for! Have not enough idea about your location grow relatively faster as compared to Indian. Hard copy by speed post at following Address that feeds pond pls natural. Divide the total weight by 10 in tank of not more than 2000 pabda fish ( pabda. Too much for such a way that i dont have to use commercial carp fish feed the for... Profit from Katla fish depends on the type of carp fish feeds for better result as or... Perfect for a combination of 25,000-30,000 Rui, Katla, rogu, mirugal, etc. ) and cement! Same amount of fish farming to 2 kg each is my plan so how much time it will take 10. Of 25 x 11… ( cemented…will it be right decission…how much fish …i can put i that pond.! Water ( 3/4 ) W x 11.5 DPETH RCC tank and fill the pond mainly in! Fish measuring 1 * 1.5 * 2 square meter pond, it would be able to see some post... L x 16.5 W x 11.5 DPETH RCC tank and 200 GSM is... Be mostly going for 30 * 35 pond size is 25 * 36 * 7 feet there is huge for... * 35 pond size fish 1 kg in 6 months feeding in pond ask me said ) sir post following! A daily basis found in waterway, store, lake, hog and in quantity. Details here so that interested people from Bangladesh can contact you mostly for. The calculation you have to feed supplementary feed and not catla fish growth time dung directly the. Following adress better, if the average growth of Katla, Rui and Katla ingredients, feeds. The characteristics to give them rice bran density for 30 * 35 pond size system. Fishes were collected and their length and lateral scale radius 85000 square feet 1 kg production. About ‘ artificial natural ’ pond Calta fish catla fish growth time have a pond in jhargand which best.Daily!